Business, Team Health / 22.03.2017

If you are struggling to find the time to define and document your Core Processes or if you feel like your Processes need to be refined and improved with the help of a tenured “Lean” professional, SMART Direction is pleased to offer a 2-Day Define and Refine Your Core Processes workshop.  The 2-day, on site workshop will follow a proven process created by Certified EOS Implementer and Freedom Forum member Michael Erath and Heidi Berger, Lean Specialist, CMA & MBA.  The process will not only help you define and document your Core Processes, but also help your teams triage each process to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and streamline every step to drive more value into your business.
The end result is that you will have all of the work done to complete your “Franchise Prototype” with 100% EOS Purity in only 2 days.  If you want us to create the actual document for you, we can do that as well.
Business, Team Health / 09.03.2017

I was recently facilitating a two-day retreat with the leadership team of a large business with the goal of building a strategic plan to double revenues in the next three years. During one of the early breaks, the owner and another member of the team approached me offline. There had been an argument among the team the day before in which one member, we’ll call him Chris, completely shut down and withdrew. A few people on the team apparently thought Chris was not a fit with the core values and culture, and they wanted my help in bringing out the issue with the team.