Core Processes Workshop

Learn more about SMART Direction Core Processes Workshop and see how it can help your business.

SMART Direction’s Core Processes Workshop was born out of the recognition that many businesses struggle to find the time to effectively document and optimize their Core Processes. As a result, their business is more reactionary and lacking consistency because it has not been truly systemized. In an effort to create a solution that would add value to his clients, SMART Direction founder Michael Erath reached out to long-time friend and Lean expert Heidi Berger, to brainstorm a way to help.


From that first conversation, the SMART Direction Core Processes Workshop was born. Led by Heidi, a Certified Management Accountant holding an MBA, who in addition to years of Process work in both retail and distribution spent ten years at P.F. Chang’s as the VP of Planning and Analysis, VP of Financial Operations and Risk, and most recently VP of Business Transformation, our clients can normally accomplish in two days what typically takes two to three quarters on their own.


During the onsite workshop, Heidi will work with the Leadership Team members responsible for each of the core processes, in a series of 90 to 120 minute sessions together with a handful of their best employees who execute steps in their respective processes, to map the process, smoke out issues with the process, establish ownership of the steps in the process, and assign appropriate measurables for the process. For clients who would like a draft document of their Core Processes as part of the workshop, the “Franchise Prototype” document can be prepared by SMART Direction for an additional fee.

Core Processes Workshop

Key takeaways of the workshop are:


  • Efficient Generation of Core Processes – typically in just 2 days
  • Highlight gaps in current processes through a systematic approach
  • Expose conflict and silos across teams by identifying handoffs and key relationships
  • Opportunity for Leadership to observe key employees and their interactions with one another
  • Identify key “non-value” added activities and waste
  • Prioritize gaps in current Core Processes and key areas for improvement
  • Create deliverables and measurables for each Core Process
  • Draft Documentation of all Core Processes provided for an additional fee


“Roughly two years into our EOS journey, we had developed proficiency in most of the key components of our business but had failed to make any real progress documenting our core processes due to lack of time and expertise. We decided to engage SMART Direction to facilitate this project for us and were able to accomplish in two days what would have taken months if we had tackled it internally. The outcome was a clear mapping of all our major processes along with identifying areas of inefficiency and disconnects. The workshop also provided a list of process opportunities for improvement prioritized by potential impact on the business, which we have taken back to the teams to solve in our weekly Level-10 meetings. The exercise really exceeded our expectations.”

Will Kays, CFO, Apollo Home


“We decided to engage SMART Direction for their Core Processes Workshop because we knew we needed some outside help. Working with them was a great experience. Not only were we able to get through a lot of work quickly and efficiently, we found lots of gaps and misalignment in how things had been getting done and have now been able to solve those so that our processes are much better and our business runs much more smoothly.”

Jarrod Hunt, Partner, Digital Current

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