Four minutes can change the future of your organization.

See how SMART Direction and EOS® are transforming lives and changing the way organizations succeed by helping them CLARIFY, SIMPLIFY and ACHIEVE their visions.


“The impact of having a Certified EOS® Implementer lead us through the EOS® Process has been incredible.  As former “self-implemneters” we thought we got it before; but the difference between reading about it and having a coach guide us has been amazing.

Implementing the Accountability Chart and People Analyzer tools not only helped us get the Right People in the Right Seats, but it also helped us realize that ‘less’ really is ‘more’. Our meetings are much more productive because we are solving problems instead of kicking the can down the road. Everyone knows who is responsible and we are focused on fewer but more impactful items.

We can’t give enough kudos to Michael Erath. His grasp of the tools and practical experience, both as an entrepreneur and coach, provided terrific tangible impact on our company. Because of that, he far exceeded our expectations.”

Jamie Gerdsen, Apollo Home

“Michael made the difference for me. At my first interview with Michael, I found him to be extremely easy to have conversations with regarding a myriad of topics. Secondly, his own personal experiences with his family owned business gave him a real life perspective on the real world of management. Thirdly, Michael engaged each of my management at a level that made them feel at ease with openly sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly in a way that made the process work not only for the betterment of the company but for each of the manager’s individual futures. We are building the TEAM for the future and we are learning to adjust as a TEAM to enhance the outcomes for our company.”

Rob Hirsh, Founder – SBH Medical

“Engaging Michael Erath to guide my business through an implementation of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) has changed my life! Just 1 day before deciding to hire him, we officially formed a Leadership Team… and now have the kind of dialogue that most teams dream of. Michael literally helped create a team of open and honest leaders out of nothing…it’s really brilliant.
As such, I would summarize my experience working with Michael as a coach in three words: Fearless, Empathetic and Caring.

Fearless: He doesn’t see ME as his client; he sees the whole TEAM as his client! In other words, I am treated no differently than anyone else – if anything, I am probably “called out” a little more than the others! Michael’s fearlessness in this area has infected everyone else on our team, giving each of us the courage to call each other out and hold each other accountable. That healthy conflict and accountability simply didn’t exist before we began working with Michael.

Empathetic: Because he’s owned his own businesses and is an EOS®  user himself (having personally experienced the extreme highs and lows of owning a business), Michael is empathetic to our struggles; he can relate to us. On a personal note, his stories of success (and failure!) make me feel so much less alone – and give me confidence that my team and I are on the right track. I cannot express how important this is – and it’s why we chose Michael in the first place! Like a Navy Seal in training, when we’re in the thick of discomfort it gives us both reassurance and strength to know that our Coach has also experienced what we are experiencing.

Caring: He cares and we can feel it. He checks in on us between sessions and makes himself available when we have questions, even if it has to be after hours. He is truly committed to being part of our team. To that end, we push ourselves harder and harder to open up and to get outside our comfort zone – not just because we are paying him the equivalent of a new car, but because we see him as part of our team…and we think he can help us get much farther than any new car could!”

Laura Zander, Founder – Jimmy Beans Wool

“It was clear from our first interaction that Michael was passionate about his work and genuinely committed to the success of our company. I witnessed Michael’s professionalism first hand, as he guided our organization through the EOS® Process. Michael has shown excellent communication skills (one of our core values) and consistent follow-up. It is my pleasure to recommend him to you wholeheartedly.”

Dennis Blankemeyer Crow Brands -CEO & Janitor

“Since Michael began leading us through the implementation of EOS®, our day-to-day work has become much more focused and deliberate. Before EOS®, everything was reactionary. When a wrench was thrown in the cogs, we would do what it took to get by, but we never really solved the issues. Using the Issues solving track, we are knocking down issues every time they come up, and our customers see it. They see how it makes their lives easier when we solve our issues and can serve them better.”

Dustin Hersman NAV, Inc -Operations Manager

“With his experience and leadership, Michael has led us through the 90 Minute Overview, Focus Day and diligent follow-up. I must admit, that in two short weeks, our organization has experienced the best communication and collaboration that we have experienced in 1O years. Hiring an Implementer has had a very quick and significant ROI.”

Shelley Pontius SBH Medical -Director of Sales

“Creating our Scorecard and tracking our numbers weekly makes planning and forecasting so much more clear. All of that is driving higher margins per unit and helping us make better production and sales decisions. The end result has been significantly higher Gross Margins.”

Bill Cunliffe NAV, Inc. -Sales Manager

“EOS® changed our business, and my life. That may sound dramatic, but it’s true. In 2014 I was introduced to the EOS
® system through EO Columbus. My partner and I attended a seminar hosted by the chapter, and immediately said “we have to do this”. While we still believed strongly in our business, we were frustrated with the lack of growth and increasing internal conflict. We knew we needed to try something new, and the EOS® system resonated with us. It seemed simple, accessible, and realistic. Now, about one year later, our business is entirely different. There have been many changes, including some team members. Our culture is healthier, decisions are made based on values, leadership and employees are engaged, and revenue and profit are increasing. Staying true to our focus and values, results are showing in the top and bottom lines. We still have work to do, but business is starting to be fun again! EOS®is simple, not easy, and absolutely worth it.”

Kristen Harris Portfolio Creative -COO / Co-founder

“Since we started implementing EOS® with Michael facilitating the process, the teamwork and communication inside our company has become so much better – not just in the office, but with the hourly employees as well. The whole company from top to bottom is working together and communicating more than ever before. Issues are solved right away, the solutions become action items through the To-Do list, and things get done. Our customers are seeing it in our culture and in our positive attitudes.”

Kevin Sims NAV, Inc. -General Manager

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